Reporting and Analytics​

What you measure grows and what you don't measure , can't grow

Keyword Report

Datas are the decision maker of any organisation that’s planning to grow. 

Using the right keyword to rank your website on google, we check it monthly to monitor how well your website is doing in terms of SEO, and send you clear report so that you can see it for yourself as well. 

Reporting and analytics
Digital Marketing Kinshasa

Website Audit

There are over 300 ranking factors for your website to be optimised and google keeps updating their algorithm every year. 

Doing a website audit will help you understand how your website is doing, what’s working and what change you should make. 

A website audit is as essential as your metrics, it’s only after you check your website that you can understand how to improve your efforts.

Conversion Rate Optimization

This is the amazing way to know that your digital marketing effort is working and it is effective. 

You are able to see how many leads you are getting every now and then and you are able to track them all.

Not only are you able to track all of them, also you can see through the rapport that there is a way to optimize all your efforts. 

With the help of tools that are designed to continuously optimize your website for conversions, we can determine where your customers are coming from, and determine how well your funnel works on every step of the customer journey.

Conversion rate optimization

The uniqueness of Liroyen Digital

We keep innovation as a pillar, integrity as the only policy, hard work as the door of the castle and the results as a flag.Get the favorable ranking on Google and a fruitful collaboration with professionals of the sector.Our team of in-house experts is ready to help your business achieve your goals.

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